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About our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

At 18 years old, with one truck, Danny Meeks started a hauling company which he quickly expanded by re-investing its profits. Within two years, Mr. Meeks had won contracts to provide hauling services for some the region's largest projects, including the expansion of the Chesapeake-Bay Bridge Tunnel.

Meeks Disposal Corporation

In 2000, Mr. Meeks started Meeks Disposal Corporation with 1 truck and 10 roll-off cans, which he quickly expanded to 100 trucks and 3,500 roll-off cans. After Hurricane Katrina hit, Meeks Disposal was awarded a $100 million federal subcontract for the clean-up of New Orleans, under which Mr. Meeks oversaw 1,500 trucks and 5,000 people. Mr. Meeks sold Meeks Disposal Corporation for $17 million in 2010.

Portsmouth City Council

In November 2012, Mr. Meeks was elected to Portsmouth City Council, where he served on the industrial, zoning, housing authority, economic development, and port & development boards. He was also a member of the budget committee, where he was instrumental in helping set the city’s $750 million annual budget that gave city employees raises without increasing taxes.

DWM Properties, LLC

In 2002, Mr. Meeks started DWM Properties, LLC, through which he’s steadily built a portfolio of 106 properties valued at approximately $27 million.

Select Recycling Waste Services, Inc.

In 2012, after Super Storm Sandy hit, Mr. Meeks started Select Recycling Waste Services, Inc., which was awarded a federal subcontract to provide cleanup services in New Jersey. In 2016, it started a trash division which expanded to 70 trucks and 4,700 front load and roll off containers. In 2020, Mr. Meeks sold the majority of SRWS’ assets for $27 million and in 2021, he sold the remaining assets for an additional $3 million.

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Empire Services, Inc.


In 2004, Mr. Meeks founded Empire Services, Inc. with 1 yard and over the past 17 years, he has expanded it to 11 yards and $25 million in annual revenue through both acquisitions and opening new locations from scratch.

Mr. Meeks is well-suited to serve on our Board due to his significant business and management experience and deep knowledge of growth and commercialization strategies. Mr. Meeks joined the Company’s Board to foster revenue-generating capabilities of the Company.

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